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The first movie that caused me to cry was Lassie Come Home, the story of a poor British family selling the beloved dog of a small boy. Lassie, however,  escaped the new home and endured an array of hardships in long journey to return to her master. The second film causing me to shed tears was the recently released Dumb and Dumber 2. I broke into uncontrollable sobs after learning the movie was not about Bobby Jindal’s second term as Louisiana’s Governor.

Now, like the broken-heart little boy praying for Lassie to come home, Louisiana legislators are crying, “Bobby, come home.” While Governor Smarty Pants is accumulating frequent flyer miles by criss-crossing the country in his campaign to get his face on TV and his name in publications, Louisiana staggers from one budget crisis to another. And eventually, like Lassie, Bobby will return home bruised and battered from the beatings he has sustained at the hands of the national news media, which has recently uncovered what every Louisianan knows — his incompetence as Governor.

I’m feeling a bit guilty about relying on Jindal for material for this blog. But like the slogans for everything from magazine subscriptions to male enhancement pills he is the blogger’s gift that keeps on giving. One of Jon Stewart’s funniest recent bits on the Daily Show occurred when Donald Trump disclosed that he may run for President. Heavenly music played and Stewart swooned over the prospect of having so much comedy material. The same thing can be said for Jindal.

A few years ago, I believed he was flying around under the influence of a off-hand comment by pill-popping Rush Limbaugh. He speculated that the Louisiana-born whiz kid and boy-exorcist at Brown University might make a good presidential candidate. Ever since, Jindal has stalked TV cameras to the point that photographers having to run and hide to keep him out of frame. In 2010 following the BP oil spill, he took daily strolls along Louisiana’s coastline search for cameras. This seemed particularly poor judgment since the Louisiana legislature was then in session and trying to resolve another disaster — the state’s impending fiscal crisis.

As state’s woes intensified last year, Jindal spent 165 days out of the state, frequently giving embarrassing and/or ignorant comments on a variety of issues — not only in this country, but in Europe where he was sharply criticized for claiming that Birmingham, England and other European cities were “no go” zones for non-Muslims because of Sharia law. He based his remarks on claims by my former CNN colleague, Steven Emerson, who has made a career out of irresponsible reporting.

For awhile, I believed Jindal’s travels were for the purpose of finding a job after his second term as Louisiana Governor ended 2016. Surely, he didn’t believe he could be elected President. After all, the guy is a Rhodes Scholar and obviously possesses some smarts. But maybe if he scored enough points among conservative Republicans and Tea Partiers to deliver votes to the GOP’s candidate, he could count on a cabinet position after getting the hell out of Louisiana for good. But given the posturing of Jeb Bush and other moderate Republicans seeking the nomination, my guess is that Jindal has become too toxic for them to include him in their inner-circles. They realize that loose canon Bobby could severely damage all the leading contenders as well as the entire GOP party.

Then there would be a Dumb and Dumber 3 starring our Governor and former New York Governor Rudy Giuliani.

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One of my closest friends hates President Obama. The guy almost drools with anger when Obama’s name is mentioned so I avoid discussing politics with him. He is a very smart guy, a former top executive with a major company who holds a post graduate degree from a prestigious university. I have long puzzled why somebody as intelligent as my friend is unable to control his hatred. I have a partial answer. I surmise that he constantly watches Fox “News” since it is on the TV when I go to his home.

By all rights, that should be my channel of choice. I’m a redneck who grew up in the housing projects of Mobile, Alabama — a near-do-well who barely got out of high school, failed every class during one semester at the University of Alabama, got married when I was seventeen, was father of four children before I turned twenty-two, drank myself onto skid row in New Orleans at the age of thirty-five and built a record that seemingly doomed me to a life of trailer trash squalor. By all rights, I should be marching with the Tea Party, or worse yet, the Ku Klux Klan. Instead, I became an ardent liberal.

So what makes me think I’m so smart now? For one thing, I got sober 44 years ago and learned some principles that taught me how to live life on life’s terms and have consideration for other folks. Secondly, I discovered a talent that paved the road to an extraordinarily career as a prize-winning television investigative reporter. During my thirty years of muckraking that began in 1972, I received every important broadcast journalism award — most of them multiple times.

Sadly, before I retired after ten years as CNN’s Senior Investigative Correspondent in a fifty-member Special Assignment Unit, I witnessed first-hand the deterioration of responsible TV journalism. At several levels, network and local news. The worst development I witnessed was the “gotcha” mentality among reporters and a breakdown of the lines between news , commentary and punditry. The downward slide began before there was a Fox “News,” during an when Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and other former disc jockeys started gaining a foothold as public affairs experts. Incredibly, listeners believed the outrageous and distorted political views of these characters.

Which brings me to the “Clinton Rules,” a form of reporting that political terrorists are given more credibility by journalists than irrefutable evidence contradicting their partisan attacks. Coming up with the a story becomes more important than coming up with the truth. Skepticism, the best quality of good reporters, degenerates into toxic cynicism. And myths transcend logic.

The “Clinton Rules” exempts journalists from asking relevant questions and providing context that would have exposed a so-called political scandals like the Whitewater hoax in its early stages. The bogus investigation gained its momentum from Oval Office blow-jobs and  increased the influence of the extreme right-wing. The lack of journalistic integrity in failing to dig for truth ultimately led to the election of George W. Bush ― widely viewed among the worst Presidents in American history.

The country is gradually recovering from the damage done during Bush’s eight years of bumbling. But the news media has not recovered its legitimacy. The journalism principle of searching for truth has largely been abandoned, as well as the media’s obligation to report news the public needs to know—not what entertains readers, viewers and listeners.

Therefore, it is not surprising that CNN is doing quiz shows featuring anchors instead of covering important news. Nor am I surprised that NBC anchor Brian Williams was caught exaggerating his role in reporting from the battlefields of Iraq. Exaggeration and sensationalism is now the rule of mainstream news. And it is no shock that Bill O’Reilly, a blowhard who has made millions by being an asshole, lied about his role as a “war correspondent.” After all he works for Fox “News,” a Republican propaganda network that places a premium on lying and distortions. And unfortunately Fox is where my good friend, the Obama hater, gets his news.

That’s sad for him, along with millions of people who would rather be stupid than be informed.

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